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Shops For Sale

Commercial Shops For Sale In Secunderabad - Maruti Patny Bazaar

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[0:01 pm, 05/11/2021] Prasanna: Commercial Shops for Sale in Secunderabad Patny Centre, SD Road. Total floors: G+4 {although the building is G+3, it is considered as G+4 because the ground floor is considered as both ground and first floors}. Ground floor: A block-- Total shops –23 Sizes—51.44 SFT to 114.27 SFT Cost: Rs.35000/- per SFT Sold: 20 Shops Available: 3 Shops Available shop numbers: 15,18,19. First Floor: B block-- Total shops –26 Sizes—116 SFT to 182 SFT Cost: Rs.25000/- per SFT Sold: 22 Shops Available: 4 Shops Available shop numbers: 15,24,25… [0:01 pm, 05/11/2021] Prasanna: Patny Bazaar is a strategically planned commercial project with ultra-modern conveniences and amenities. Bazaar, as the name insinuates, provides new elevations and a shopping experience all in one place. Having your office spaces in a prime location as ours is a symbol of advancement in your business. ​ It has a modest yet stylish approach to economic architecture. The ever-growing business industry requires places that are practical as well as progressive in terms of what they offer. Rising above the rest, Patny Bazar is the epitome of delivering spacious and affordable commercial spaces for Shops & Offices. Poised to become a thriving and landmark of growth and elevation, Patny Bazar brings you exclusive commercial spaces for accommodating your business or shops, in Secunderabad, Telengana. MORE DETAILS Number of Units: 150 Size: Shops Ranging from 170 to 400 sq. ft. Commercial Spaces available up to 700 sq. ft. Total Floors: Ground + 4 Parking Spaces: 12,500 sq. ft. of Unreserved Parking


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